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How To Diagnose Airbag Faults

If your vehicles airbag warning light is on this signifies that you have a fault on your airbag system. Finding that fault can be a real nightmare but it doesn't have to be. On this page we will give you some pointers that should help you resolve any issues.

Firstly, the best way to diagnose & rectify faults on modern cars if with the help of a diagnostic computer. Obviously, not everybody has access to a diagnostic computer so we will discuss some common problems which you may which to check. We would advise not to spend too long trying to rectify airbag faults without a computer. You could spend hours, days even weeks trying to resolve an issue and get know where fast. We would designate a couple of hours and if you cannot resolve the problem strongly suggest you visit a local competent garage. The reasons are because you don't want to risk accidental triggering of an airbag and also your time is too important to waste.

Carrying out checks without a diagnostic computer

Airbag warning Light on 

Has the vehicle been accident damaged or deployed any airbag components or seatbelts ?





If the light has come on for no obvious reason then it is because you have a fault somewhere on the airbag system. Most common causes are quite simply bad connections with the seat airbags & seat belt pre-tensioners being the most commonly affected circuits. In many cases the fault can be traced to the wiring under the front seats. Overtime these can become affected by moisture from damp carpets causing short circuits or high resistance if they become corroded. The way to remedy this problem is to either clean the connectors or cut out the plugs and directly solder the wires together, repairing them one at a time so you do not mix up wires as quite often wiring colours can change as they pass through a multiplug. 

If this does not rectify the problem then we would advise using a diagnostic computer to perform further checks.

Accident damaged vehicles will require the airbag module reconditioning so that you may use it again. 

Our airbag module resetting service will restore your airbag module saving you hundreds of pounds.

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The Correct Way To Diagnose Airbag Faults

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