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Porsche Airbag Fault Code 80D5

If you are experiencing the fault code 80D5 in your Porsche airbag control unit then we may be able to help you.

We can fix most Porsche airbag modules with this fault, although sometimes they are just beyond repair.

Typically you will see the diagnostic trouble code 80D5 -' triggering unit faulty' in the following airbag modules which is also known as the airbag control unit or airbag ECU.





997.618.217  **   ( ** Any number code after 217 **)

We can test your module with no charge & you only pay if your unit is repairable.

Our service fee for this repair is £65 + P&P as it is a postal repair service.

You post your airbag ecu to us, we test & repair then post it back all within a few days.

To arrange a repair please email:


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